Juarez, Mexico

Quick Facts about Juarez, Mexico

Juarez, Mexico sits directly opposite El Paso, Texas, separated only by the Rio Grande River which is the international border. The downtown areas of the two cities are within easy walking distance of each other. The population of Ciudad Juarez is generally cited to be around 1.5 million. The El Paso metro area has a population of over 800,000. Together the two cities form the second largest international community on earth.

According to the City of El Paso's official website, in 2011 traffic into Ciudad Juarez from the city's three International Bridges totaled more than more than "3.6 million passenger vehicles, 4.2 million pedestrians and 300,000 commercial vehicles."

Why a Juarez, Mexico Visitors Guide?

Each year tens of thousands of US citizens go to Juarez, Mexico

They go for a variety of reasons:

  • Business: over 70 Fortune 500 companies maintain offices in the Borderplex (El Paso/Juarez), and Ciudad Juarez is home to hundreds of maquiladoras, factories manufacturing auto parts, electronics, and other goods for the US market
  • US Consulate: Thousands of US citizens are involved in their spouse's application process for legal immigration and must come to Juarez for appointments
  • Visit Family & Friends: Many El Pasoans have family ties in Juarez, or lifelong friends, and will go to Juarez no matter what the situation is on the ground
  • Charity Work: Over the years we have responded to inquires from dozens of churches and organizations either doing charity work in Juarez, Mexico, or planning to do so

Those who have never been to Juarez before will be scouring the internet before their departure for any practical information they can find on discussion forums and web sites such as this one to discover what they can expect in regards to their safety, accommodations, places to eat, things to see and do while in the city. Hopefully, the Juarez Visitors Guide can be of some benefit to them.

And there is another reason...

Cathedral - Juarez, Mexico - Juarez Visitors GuideWhatever it's problems, as you will see here, there is a positive side to Juarez, Mexico. The city itself offers many important services. Dental care and eyewear are extremely affordable compared to the US. Juarez, Mexico has some truly fine restaurants, interesting attractions, and a fascinating history. The author is a person who has lived in Juarez, Mexico among the people and found them to make good neighbors largely concerned with getting through another day of work and then making the kids do their homework at night. The Juarez Visitors Guide exists in part because that side of the story of Juarez, Mexico also deserves to be told.

What's in the Juarez, Mexico Visitors Guide?

Street Food - Museum - Juarez, Mexico We've tried to cover both the well-known attractions and businesses but also a few of the little out of the places only a frequent visitor can discover. See not only the 5-star hotels and finest restaurants but also some good value hotels and see the little window in the side of a building where for as little as $3 a friendly señora will serve you the same delicious food she serves her children.

The guide will provide you with insights into the people, culture, and history of Juarez, Mexico. A walking tour of the downtown historical sights is included. We also offer you tips on dealing with Spanish, information about nightlife, shopping, and transportation. The site is rich in photographs.

Before You Visit Juarez, Mexico

Most people have probably heard of Juarez, Mexico in relation to crime. Violence from competing drug cartels has plagued the city for decades but reached horrific proportions between 2008-2013.

Juarenses seem cautiously optimistic that life is finally returning to normal, and many people feel perfectly comfortable visiting Juarez. Nevertheless, you should educate yourself about Juarez, Mexico's recent history with violence and crime using any major internet search engine.

If you are planning a trip to Juarez, Mexico we highly recommend that you get up-to-date information on both the El Paso Times Juarez section and check the Current Warnings from the US State Department.

Voices on the Border
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